How Many Reaction Roles Can I Create?

You can create as many reaction roles as allowed by your usage tier. In the Free tier, you can create reaction roles on up to 20 message with up to 20 different roles on each message.

How Do You Count the Reaction Roles?

We count reaction roles on 2 levels:

  • The number of individual messages on which you have created reaction roles in your server.
  • The number of individual roles that are used in your reaction roles on each message.

For example, in the Free tier, you can use reaction roles on up to 20 different messages at the same time. Additionally, on each of those 20 messages, you can use up to 20 roles in the reaction roles. Discord has a limit of 20 reactions per message. So in the Free tier, you can create a reaction role for each reaction on the message.

You can use more than 1 role per reaction on a message. For example, if you wanted to assign 2 roles to someone who clicks on a reaction, you could add 2 reaction roles to that same reaction. This counts as 2 of the 20 reaction roles allowed for that message in the Free tier (Premium and Premium Plus have higher limits).

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