Direct Messages (DMs) from the Reaction Roles Bot

The Reaction Roles bot will send direct messages (DMs) to users who have reacted/unreacted on a reaction role. The DM is an informational message and contains a list of the role(s) they received or that were removed by their action.

Role changes reported to users in the DMs are filtered for roles the user already has. That is, if the user reacts to a message and should receive the XYZ role, but the user already has the XYZ role, the Reaction Roles bot will not send the user a DM because no role change was made.

Errors that occur when assigning roles (such as the role not being accessible or assignable by the bot) may be included in DMs. See below for details on when errors are included in DM messages.

Default DM Sending

  • No DM will be sent to a user if no role changes or errors occurred.
  • Normal users will receive DMs that include role changes, but the DMs will not include any error information.
  • Users with the “Manage Roles” Discord permission will receive DMs that include role changes and any error information.

Opting Out of DMs for your Server

DMs are sent by default. However, if you have purchased a Reaction Roles Premium or Premium Plus subscription, you can disable DM sending from the bot in your server.

With a premium subscription you can use the /config directmessages command to disable the bot from sending DMs.

Opting out of DMs as a User

Individual users can become a supporter of the Reaction Roles bot by purchasing a Supporter subscription. Supporters have the option of disabling role change DMs sent to them from the Reaction Roles bot.

By using the /supporter directmessage command, a user with a Supporter subscription can completely disable role change messages from the Reaction Roles bot. This opt-out for Supporters covers all servers that the Reaction Roles bot is used in. That is, a Supporter only needs to disable DMs from the bot once in order to never receive DMs from the bot as long as their subscription is active, no matter which server is using the Reaction Roles bot.

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